Inauguration Ceremony of Tehran Command Center and Disaster Management Headquarter held

TDMMO- Dec 30, 09

Inauguration Ceremony of Tehran Command Center and Disaster Management Headquarter (Setad) has been held by presence of Tehran honorable Mayor, Dr. Ghalibaf, on Dec 30, 09. This center which is the first intelligent center for natural disaster management at national level, has been opened officially on Wednesday Dec 30, 09 .

In this inauguration ceremony which has been convened by attendance of members of parliament, heads of disaster management related organizations and mayor deputies, Dr. Ghalibaf, said that safety of city is one of the most important responsibilities of urban managers. He added since constructions sometimes implemented without considering principles, therefore, we should put our efforts into the field of urban safety. Also, Dr. Ghalibaf stated that experiences of previous massive earthquakes such as Rudbar and Bam put huge burden on our shoulders. We took several steps in this regard in a way that at present there are more than hundred disaster management bases operational in the 22 municipality districts of Tehran and this specialized center with the highest level of safety has been constructed in order to be a center for commanding and monitoring disasters.

In the opening speech of this ceremony, the president of TDMMO, Dr. Hosseini, stated that Tehran Command Center and Disaster Management Headquarter has unique characteristics which only several countries have access to this technology but this knowledge has been produced by endeavors of local experts in Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization. He added, besides special physical characteristics, several systems were built in this center. In case of occurrence of earthquakes, even in 150 km nearby Tehran, these systems can be operational and submit required information in maximum 3 minutes. Also, information from all layers of quick damage and lost estimation system can be published in less than 20 minutes. At the end, Dr. Hosseini extended his gratitude to Tehran Mayor Dr. Ghalibaf and Dr. Shakib, Member of Tehran Islamic City council for their cooperation and support in this regard. He said without supports of Tehran honorable Mayor and Tehran Islamic City Council, construction of such a center with these capabilities was not possible.

Published on jan 3, 2010