Safe and Clean Mountains Seminar to hold on July 8, 2009

Safe and Clean Mountains Seminar is to be convened by Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization (TDMMO) on June 09, at Tehran. TDMMO called for papers on March 2, 09 at Hamshahri Newspaper and experts in this field invited to participate.

The seminar which will be on organizing and development of services and promotion of rescue and relief operations at mountains will be implemented based on the approved bills of Tehran City Council. Subjects that are going to be discussed at this seminar are as follows:

  • Recognizing hazards of Tehran Mountains (mountains located at northern part of The City)
  • Comparative studies of other countries' experiences and lessons learned in this field.
  • Shelters and safe places at mountains
  • Utilization and protection of nature at mountains, dual effects and damages
  • Public awareness and training, the role of media
  • Medical treatment at mountains, cure for mountainous damages
  • Review and analysis of emergency response at mountains' incidents
  • Reviewing legal frameworks, rules and regulations related to mountain
  • Training and equipment for rescue and relief at mountains

Submitting articles on the above said subjects is required for presence at this national seminar. The deadline for submission of articles will be April 30, 09.