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Disaster Management for Urban Managers 1
Disaster Management for Urban Managers 2
Alluvial Formations of Tehran
Identifying of Tehran's Landslides
Reflections on Approaches and Models of Post-Disaster Reconstruction
Familiarity with the Latest Achievements of Tehran Disaster Management
Challenges and Lesson Learned from EZGELE Earthquake from the Perspective of Incident Management
Tehran Emergency Roads Network and Transportaion Planning (1 , 2)
After Action Report of PLASCO
Framework Convention on Climate Change
Comprehensive Training Plan of Disaster Management
National Plan of Prepared School:
Improvement Plan for Preparedness of Tehran Schools against Disasters
Urban Flood Management
Enhancing Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Through Evaluation
Familiarity with Disaster Management Laws in Iran, Japan and the United States
Prepared School Trainings
Are You Ready?
Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030)
Familiarity with the Emergency Safe Evacuation Process in Tehran's Neighborhoods
The First Festival of "Prepared City"
Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World
Communicating Emergency Preparedness
Familiarity with Tehran Earthquake Early Warning System
Familiarity with Tehran Neighborhood Emergency Response Volunteers
Natural Disasters 1
Natural Disasters 2
Handbook of Disaster Management
Emergency Management Team Guidelines for Schools
The Great Wenchuan Earthquake 2
The Human Side of Disaster
Emergency Management Guidelines for Commercial Buildings
Emergency Management Guidelines for Residential Buildings
School Hazards Document
Safe and Clean Mountains
The earthquake Happened,
The house shook
Regulations for Storagey and Safety of Hazardous Materials in Tehran
The Great Wenchuan Earthquake 1
Seismicity and Crustal Velocity Model of Tehran
Disaster Management
Utilization and Storage of Rescue and Relief Equipments
Reducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage; A Practical Guide
Dena and Dana During an Earthquake
Preparedness against Earthquake