With respect to geographical and geological factors, Iran is among the first 10 disaster – prone countries of the world which has been suffered from extremely high human and property losses of natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, drought and so on. In recent years, considering methods and procedures for decreasing natural disasters' impacts in the country and in line with international experiences in this field, extensive effort were made in order to improve performance indicators of security and preparedness for emergency response. Based on this, in Tehran as a social, economical and cultural center, planning for mitigation of natural disasters' effects and increase of preparedness is a crucial task.

On Oct 19, 1999, at the sixth meeting of National Committee for Reduction of Natural Disasters' Impacts, as high ranking decision maker unit, it was resolved that in cooperation with Development Deputy of Ministry of Interior (MOI) and in collaboration with other ministries and related organizations, Tehran Municipality prepare and submit Tehran Disaster Management Master Plan (TDMMP) to aforesaid National Committee for approval. This also was discussed at Cabinet meeting dated Dec 15, 1999, and with a great emphasis on its importance, vice president assigned Technical and Developmental Deputy of Tehran Mayor to do the task. Following this, coordination council for formulation of TDMMP was established. At first step, steering plan was prepared and then Tehran Comprehensive Emergency Management Secretariat (TCEMS) was established. In coordination with National Committee for Reduction of Natural Disasters' Impacts and Natural Disaster Task Force of MOI and many other related ministries and organizations and through establishment of 22 technical committees, the Secretariat launched preparation of TDMMP. Finally, on Mar 2000, draft version was prepared and has been reviewed and finalized at the eighth meeting of National Committee for Reduction of Natural Disasters' Impacts on May 28, 2001.

According to provisions of the approved Master Plan and in order the goal for coordination of disaster Management issues (Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Reconstruction) to be achieved, Tehran Mayor assigned as commander and Tehran Municipality became responsible for Tehran Disaster Management task. Based on this, all related organizations were asked to cooperate with Tehran Municipality.

Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Center (TDMMC) later established by merging two previous disaster-related organizations namely CEMS and Center for Earthquake Studies of Tehran in 2003. On May 2004, revision of structure of TDMMC was launched by Tehran City Council. It has been revised and finalized on July 18, 04 and TDMMC was upgraded to Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization TDMMO

Last updated: 2009/3/4