Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization (TDMMO) is a non-beneficiary organization affiliated to Tehran Municipality. It has legal entity and financial independence and carries out its duties under legal documents approved by Tehran City Council. It is located at Tehran and from the establishment; it operates with no time limitation. TDMMO operates within legal and geographical boundaries of Tehran.

The president of TDMMO is appointed by Tehran Mayor. Strategic planning and long- term programs of the TDMMO will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustee.

Tehran Mayor is head of The Board of Trustee and the other 4 members are as follows:

  • One of the members of Tehran City Council (appointed by this Council)
  • TDMMO president (as the secretary of the Board of Trustee)
  • Two experts (suggested by Tehran Mayor and approved by Tehran City Council)

Last updated: 2009/3/4