Summary of activities that approved by Tehran City Council in order to be accomplished by TDMMO are as follows:

  • Establishment of automated databank of buildings, facilities and infrastructures, bridges, roads and lifelines, industrial, chemical and non-chemical hazardous materials' centers and determination of supervision methods for monitoring contractors, consultants and responsible entities engaged in carrying out such services in Tehran, correlation with information centers (IT centers) and management of information system;
  • Implementation of/ order to carry out studies and applied researches to support earthquake engineering, engineering seismology, engineering geology and geo-technical engineering, urban safety and standards, engineering geophysics and disaster management within Tehran megacity;
  • Implementation of/ order to carry out projects on retrofitting and seismic rehabilitation of urban textures, buildings, bridges, lifelines and urban constructions for urban risk reduction purposes in the city;
  • Implementation of/ order to carry out studies on urban seismic microzonation;
  • Coordination and supervision on activities of organizations responsible for managing disasters related to climate and meteorological incidents such as flood, water overflow and storm;
  • Coordinationand supervision on activities of organizations responsible to control man-made disasters such as fire and organizations responsible for safety of exhibitions, gymnasiums and other population gathering centers;
  • Preparation and compilation of regulations, guidelines and codes related to disaster management capability enhancement for Tehran, safeguard and safety level and seismic strength control of buildings, bridges, facilities and infrastructures and in general urban environment for the purpose of risk reduction;
  • Correlation, thorough collaboration and utilization of experiences of:
    • Qualified scientific and research centers and implementing agencies in or outside of the country in order to upgrade and update disaster management system,
    • High councilsfor mitigation and management of natural disasters at national level, National Disaster Task Force under Ministry of Interior, supporting provinces for Tehran Disaster Management
    • Ministries, Foundations and other agenciesrelated to disaster management which are civil or military- oriented

Last updated: 2009/3/4