Vision and Strategies

Based on primary viewpoints on establishment of Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization (TDMMO) and due to existing needs for risks reduction in Tehran, TDMMO's vision defined as "Upgrading Tehran Megacity to stand as a Model among seismic resistant Megacities of Developing Countries". In order the vision to be achieved, TDMMO managed to cooperate for maintaining and continuation of sustainable development of Tehran. To do this, it is essential to direct all the efforts toward the following issues:

  • To eliminate or reduce risks that Tehran Megacity is encountered
  • To reduce vulnerability of Tehran Megacity against existing risks
  • To build Capacity for optimal response to disasters and risks in case of occurrence

Based on the results of Master Plan Studies on Urban Seismic Disaster Prevention and Management for Tehran, implementation of following 15 projects in a 12- year period may have noticeable impact on reducing vulnerability of Tehran against occurrence of earthquakes and other natural disasters:

  • Increasing capability and capacity of TDMMO, construction of Tehran Emergency Response Command Center (Disaster Room) and making it operational
  • Retrofitting and reconstruction of existing public buildings
  • Improvement and promotion of self- relief capacities and organizing community- based disaster management groups at Mahalle- level in Tehran
  • Development and improvement of Emergency Transportation and Traffic System in Tehran
  • Preparation and improvement of operational capacity of disaster information and telecommunication network
  • Retrofitting water supply facilities and network
  • Retrofitting gas supply facilities and network
  • Improvement of emergency response capability and capacity for Tehran Fire Fighting and Safety Services Organization
  • Strengthening of capacity for emergency response system in Health related organizations
  • Identification and establishment of Emergency Evacuation Sites in Tehran and making them equipped and operational
  • Retrofitting and reconstruction of bridges within major transportation network
  • Promotion of strengthening and retrofitting of private buildings
  • Improvement and standardization of construction quality
  • Urban renovation with emphasis on seismic risk reduction perspective
  • Establishment of earthquake and/or other disasters' training museums in Tehran

Last updated: 2009/3/17