Special and Multi- purpose Disaster Management Bases at District Level of Tehran


Following occurrence of the Bam Earthquake on Jan 5, 2003, for the first time the idea of construction of 120 disaster management seismic resistant bases in 120 sub- districts (Nahiye) of Tehran was brought up and approved in one of the Tehran Disaster Management Headquarters' urgent meetings. On Feb 25, 03 districts' municipalities became responsible for finding appropriate places for construction of these bases at sub-districts level of 22 districts of Tehran Municipality.

Until the end of 2008, 99 special and Multi- purpose bases have been constructed. Based on long-term programs of TDMMO, this number will increase to 133 in near future. In line with construction of bases, completing and equipping them launched on 2006. Up to the end of 2008, all the 22 special disaster management bases have been equipped with rescue and relief and other related equipment.


The major objectives for construction of these bases are as follows:

  • Preparing tactical and operational grounds properly for facilitation and acceleration of Mitigation, Preparedness and Emergency Response measures for different kinds of disasters especially natural disasters e.g. earthquakes;
  • Educational and sportive usage of Multi- purpose bases (especially for women), and cultural development for promoting public joy and happiness at community level;
  • Developing Tehran Seismography and accelerography Networks and Incidents Assessment System of Tehran Emergency Response Command Center.
Types of Bases

There are three types of bases in Tehran.

  • Multi purpose disaster management bases
  • Special disaster management bases
  • Supporting provinces disaster management bases
Utilization of Bases

Each base is being constructed in an area of 1250 square meter. In multi-purpose bases 1000 square meter allocated to women sport and the remaining is being used as offices for different disaster management related organizations e.g. EMS and RCS based on their requests for increasing their capacities for providing services in Tehran. The Special disaster management bases are used as Districts Disaster Management Headquarters. Also, supporting provinces disaster management bases will be used by supporting provinces that will come to the city for emergency response operations following occurance of earthquakes or other disasters.

Besides the above mentioned usages, the bases may be used for training and public awareness of residence at sub- district level on issues such as mitigation, preparedness and emergency response measures and stockpiling of rescue and relief facilities and equipment. In emergency condition, they may be used for different purposes such as Nahiye (sub- districts) Disaster Management Headquarters, provision of health and sanitation services or temporary housing for victims of urban incidents and also as a place for supporting provinces teams operations. The bases will be operational without any damages in case of occurrence of possible earthquakes for Tehran. Also each base is equipped with UPS (uninterrupted power system), water and fuel resources in order to be operational in case of occurrence of disasters.

Last Updated July 5, 09