Tehran Qanats Location Map

Tehran Qanats Location Map has been accomplished by TDMMO on 1:2000 scales through Geographic Information System (GIS). The map has been plotted on the basis of aerial photos taken in 1956. A four volumes collection has been compiled by TDMMO in order to be used by related organizations in Tehran as well as contractors. Larger scale maps that prepared prior to this map schematically demonstrate the rough location of wells and probable horizontal tunnels paths but the new one pinpoint the location of wells along Qanats and allow users to estimate location of the wells and their routes with acceptable accuracy.

In Tehran Qanats Location Map which took two years to be completed, positions of over 1,200 Qanats and tunnel paths and about 500,000 wells have been plotted.

Major objective for preparation of Tehran Qanats Location map is identification of Qanats all over Tehran on urban scale for risk reduction and stabilizing Tehran Qanats' routes in static conditions and in case of occurrence of earthquakes in 22 districts of Tehran Municipality.

Utilization of these recently published maps make through assessment of geotechnological hazards and risks possible and based on this, planning for reducing land subsidence during earthquakes in Tehran becomes feasible.

Last updated July 5, 09