Flood and Water Overflow Mitigation and Risk Reduction Program

With reference to the importance of increasing Tehran safety level and decreasing risks of possible floods and water overflows which is among the main objectives and missions of the Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization, and in order to improve level of coordination in the process of protection of rivers and floodways and to develop collaboration in Tehran flood management, a MOU was prepared and signed by Tehran Mayor, Minister of Energy and the President of Tehran City Council on Oct 29, 08.

Based on the said MOU, the parties take responsibility to cooperate with each other on the following issues:

  • Conducting criteria and flood zoning studies
  • Delineating margins, beds, setbacks and modification of rivers and urban floodways
  • Protecting Tehran floodways and river bed lands and margins
  • Formulating design criteria for joint projects on flood related fields
  • Exchanging Technical information and existing maps of implemented and ongoing projects
  • Identifying deserted floodways and excess river- beds

General objectives for signing aforesaid MOU are as follows :

  • To manage rivers and floodways protection measures according to the rules and regulations and to suggest possible revisions of regulations with taking into account Tehran special conditions;
  • To define margins, river beds and floodways for reflecting in detailed and master plans in order to specify suggested land use criterion and construction regulations
  • To formulate Tehran flood risks reduction zoning map, to develop flood early warning system and to propose process of organizing risk prone areas
  • To increase Tehran safety level against Natural Disasters such as flood and water overflow through modifying rivers and floodways

It should be mentioned that implementation of MOU provisions and terms is being monitored and followed up by members of executive committee.

The executive committee members are from different related departments of Municipality and Ministry of Energy. Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization representative is the secretary of the Committee.