Simplified Seismic Rehabilitation Technical Guideline for Common Buildings in Tehran

The project on preparation of Simplified Seismic Rehabilitation Technical Guideline for ordinary buildings in Tehran is being conducted with the aim to improve seismic performance level of ordinary buildings up to collapse prevention level and to reduce life and property loss with taking into account social and economic conditions prevailing in the city in order to prepare appropriate conditions for implementation of simple and efficient seismic retrofitted schemes executable by experienced masons, technicians and young civil and architectural engineers.

  • Making due grounds for overall implementation of seismic risks reduction plans in common residential buildings;
  • Providing technical approaches for correction of common buildings deficiencies with the minimum expenses
  • To study and classify existing common buildings in Tehran and to assess seismic vulnerability considering the objectives of the plans;
  • To prepare guideline on simplified seismic rehabilitation techniques;
  • To perform laboratory researches on efficiency of produced techniques;
  • To implement technique on selected sample prototype buildings;
  • To document activities under plans;
  • To finalize related technical guidelines