Temporary Housing Plan


The history of Emergency Sheltering and Temporary Housing Plan returned back to decision made by TDMMO Board of Trustee on Aug 18, 07 with the goal for planning to transfer injured residents and survivors of earthquakes or other disasters to safe places and evacuation sites following occurrence of earthquakes, to provide them their basic needs for emergency conditions and to improve their life through implementation of recovery plans.

  • Increasing level of preparedness for emergency response to those disastrous phenomenons in Tehran that need temporary housing and emergency sheltering to be provided for residents
  • Improving status of urban spaces for providing services in emergency conditions
  • Providing temporary housing for residents following occurrence of natural or manmade disasters
  • Planning for multipurpose utilization of temporary housing sites (in normal and emergency conditions)
  • Organizing open spaces and parks for providing emergency services to people suffered from damages of earthquakes or other disasters
Locations selected:
  • Chitgar Park
  • Sorkh-e- hesar Park
  • Afra Park
  • Khargoush dare ( Rabbit Valley) Park

Due to importance of centralization of executive activities, indicators for prioritization of activities have been decided on and based on the selection criteria, among the short- listed parks; Chitgar has been selected as the best place for launching studies and operations under this project.

Selection Criteria:

The criteria for selection of short- listed parks are as follow:

  • Being close to population centers
  • Possible acceleration of facilities utilization
  • Providing more infrastructure facilities
  • Providing more accessible places for temporary housing

It should be mentioned that in line with launching basic studies, temporary housing standards has been reviewed for implementation in this Park.

Temporary Housing Process:
  • To establish special committee for managing urban temporary housing
  • To determine level of risk based on standard criteria and to inform executives
  • To organize teams for rescue and relief at parks according to organizational chart
  • To provide staff and to locate infrastructure facilities
  • To locate emergency shelters based on the approved plan for each park
  • To allocate social protection
  • To direct and manage temporary housing network and services based on the standards
The Project Action Plan:
  • To construct and prepare appropriate ground for placement of shelters in the emergency conditions (construction of concrete platforms)
  • To provide infrastructure facilities e.g. water, electricity, and telecom …
  • To provide sanitation, medical and health facilities (hospital, health center and emergency relief)
  • To construct stockpiles for preserving food and required equipment
  • To construct sanitary services and service units (fixed and mobile) and water taps
  • To provide appropriate places for safe guarding and protecting injured people
  • To construct emergency management center (Rescue and relief management center)
  • To construct administrative building
  • To provide required infrastructures for utilization of facilities pertaining to water, electricity and sewage

Published on July 18, 09