Public Training


Activities that are performed under this part are as follows:

  • Holding disaster management seminars and workshops in order to make different levels of individuals familiar with disaster management concepts;
  • Convening meetings for justifying Neighborhood Emergency Response Volunteers (DAWAM) and other public participants in disaster management drills.
Target Groups:
  • Volunteers who are members of DAWAM groups at 22 districts of Tehran Municipality
  • Housewives and students ( that participate in Drills)
  • Residents of districts that are nominated for convening special drills
  • Other different groups
Objectives achieved:

Through convening workshops and seminars, participants that are mostly residents and volunteers at district level become prepared for emergency response to possible natural disasters. Also, they become familiar with disaster management concepts such as what is earthquake, how it happens; steps should be taken before, during and after earthquakes for helping themselves and others and so on. The training syllables make the participants aware of the risks and disaster Management principals.

Published on July 22, 09