Establishment of Emergency Response Plan for the 1st 72 hours after anEarthquake in Tehran

Output 2: Quick Damage and Loss Estimation System(QD& LE)
  • Establishment of appropriate hardware and software bases for estimation of damages derived from earthquakes as a basic apparatus for effective emergency response in the time of occurrence of an earthquake.
  • Improving operational capability and capacity building for disaster management related organizations through utilization of this system in periodical drills.
  • Utilization of this system for evaluating municipal districts vulnerability in the process of preparation of Regional and urban risk reduction plans in Tehran
Steps taken for implementation of project:
  • Updating urban data banks and damage and loss estimation functions
  • Locating and construction of accelerators and seismographs stations in Tehran
  • Equipping aforesaid stations with required instruments
  • Designing software for quick damage and loss estimation in Tehran
  • Radio connection between seismographs stations
  • Formulating guideline and action plan for QD & LE system
  • Training for System operators
  • Making system operational and system maintenance
  • Upgrading system capabilities

Published at Feb 3, 2010