7 simple steps to prevent wildfires

June 07,2020 Global Disastre management rating

7 simple steps to prevent wildfires


The total devastation from recent wildfires have brought much attention to a severe problem. Did you know that humans start 1.3 million fires, and the biggest culprit is trash burning? While meteorologists can forecast the conditions favorable to sparking wildfires, such as dry and windy conditions, there are still steps to take to prevent future wildfires.


Forest fire statistics

The wildfires of Australia have been burning for months, and there is no end in sight. To date, more than 17 million acres of land have been burnt, and the flames took with it the lives of at least 28 people. More than 3,000 homes have been destroyed, and the fires are still raging. Shockingly, there are more than 75,000 wildfires that occur in the United States each year, which burn more than 7 million acres of our precious land.  No state is exempt from the risk of these fires as there are forests and wooded areas everywhere. The shocking fact is that careless humans start nine out of every ten forest fires. There have been 24 people charged in the Australian fires for setting deliberate brush fires that have contributed to this massive inferno. Fires not only kill animals, and destroy homes, businesses, and the land, they also create poor air quality. The thick clouds of smoke make breathing outside unbearable for many, especially those with compromised immune systems. Many are looking for solutions to prevent these wildfires from happening. However, wildfire prevention techniques seem to be the best method.


Preventing wildfires

Wildfire prevention methods are essential to ensure wild lands, and those who live in and around them are safe. Here are ways that you can be proactive:


 1.Report unattended fires

If you are ever out and about and notice a fire that is burning out of control or is unattended, immediately call 911 or your local fire department. When the conditions are right, even a small campfire can turn into a massive fire. .”See something? Say something,” is one of the key wildfire prevention methods


2. Extinguish fire pits and campfires when done

Many people wonder how to prevent wildfires, but the easiest way is to be careful when having a campfire or using a fire pit. A fire should never be left unattended for any period. Also, when you are done with the fire, then make sure you completely extinguish it. Use water or ashes to put out the flames. Keep tents and sleeping gear away from any fire pit or campfire to ensure you don’t add fuel to the fire. Loose kindling and branches around the campsite can feed the flames. To prevent wildfires, you should tidy up the area to make sure there is nothing that could catch fire from an errant spark.



3.  Don’t throw lit cigarettes out of your moving car

Never throw lit cigarettes, smoking materials, or matches out of your car, or on the ground. Cigarettes and matches both have enough heat to create a spark. Make sure any cigarettes are completely extinguished before you throw them in the trash. Many wildfires can start by carelessly flicking a cigarette butt on the ground, especially during dangerously dry conditions.


4.  Use caution when using flammable liquids

When using propane to refill stoves, lanterns, or heaters, make sure you use  extreme caution. Wait to fill these devices once they have completely cooled. Any flammable liquids can quickly ignite a lantern. Additionally, these should be filled outside rather than inside.


5.  Pay attention to local ordinances for trash burning

If you burn your trash, then you need to make sure that you follow your local ordinances. Most areas will have restrictions when it’s windy, or there are dangerous conditions that can spark a wildfire. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher with you when you burn anything so that you can put out the flames if necessary. If you have any flammable materials in your yard, remove them before you burn any trash or rubbish.


6.  Only use fireworks in clear areas with no woods nearby

Wildfire prevention techniques can be difficult when most people don't realize the harm involved. For instance, during the 4th of July holiday season, people love sparklers and other fireworks. However, these things should never be used unless there is a wide-open space with no flammable materials nearby. Also, check with your local ordinances as many restrict fireworks altogether.


7.  Pay attention to the risk of forest fires in your area

Always check the local forecast to learn about fire safety alerts. Regions around the county post the risk for forest fires daily. The public must be made aware so that they can prevent doing any activities that could end up causing a wildfire.

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