TDMMO- Oct 13, 2021

TDMMO President and Tehran Mayor substitute in Municipality Covid 19 Disaster Management Headquarter, Dr. Ali Nasiri announced the launch of second phase of Vaccination campaign in the form of injecting corona vaccine to citizens through 22 mobile buses, units located in 22 metro stations, sending mobile units to 220 mosques in Tehran and establishment of citizens' communication line with the 137 system for the elderly and the disabled people who applied request for vaccination at home.


TDMMO_ Oct 9, 2021

The second meeting of the Tehran Municipality Corona Disaster Management Headquarter was held with presence of member organizations representatives with the aim to review implementation of the vaccination campaign for injecting 300,000 doses of corona vaccine


TDMMO- Sep 24, 2021

The Tehran Mayor substitute in Municipality Corona Crisis Management Headquarter announced the launch of vaccination campaign for injection of 300,000 doses of Corona vaccine in 26 new mobile and fixed vaccination complexes in Tehran Municipality within upcoming ten days.


TDMMO_ Sep 12, 2021

  On Thursday Sep 9, 2021, Tehran Mayor, Dr. Zakani appointed Dr. Ali Nasiri as TDMMO president. He is PhD in Health in Disasters and Emergencies, a researcher and Post Doctorate Candidate in Health in Disasters and Incidents.


Increase in resilience of the capital by implementing new risk monitoring plans

TDMMO- July 24, 2021

Referring to the role of resilience in disaster management, the mayor of Tehran said: "In the current period of urban management, appropriate equipment has been provided to reduce Tehran's risk."

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